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Sick PC

Computer solutions of all types.

  • Tune Ups
  • Memory problems,
  • Oerating system problems,
  • Crashing too frequently.
  • Just plain confusion!
  • Something just isn't right.
  • System running slow!
Our expertise is in making the complicated simple. It is most unusual when we can't save you money and increase your operating efficiency at the same time. Individual visits or we offer monthly maintenance contracts for your hardware and software. Our services are fully guaranteed.

Network system

Network solutions and maintenance

Microsoft Certified Technicians lead our networking staff. We do it all! Set up your server, install network & program software, properly connect all systems, set up your printers and other peripherals to be shared by all users.

Check & double check. We don't leave until everything is tested several times and works the way it is suppossed to work.

We're never happy until you're happy. Anything less that your satisfaction is unaccetable to us.



Web Site Design & Hosting
A well-designed web site can keep your customers updated with the latest news, product offerings, and services. We offer reasonable pre-priced packages that include custom design, regular updates and hosting, aptly suited to marketing your business. One bill covers everything. No surprises.

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