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e-mail marketing
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Everytime you think about marketing your product or your company, you are confronted with the costs associated with those marketing plans and ideas.

If you are looking to spend pennies compared to dollars, and also have an effective marketing campaign - you should seriously consider an e-mail campaign. When done properly, it gives positive results that are calculable. You can even use it for surveys with your customers. What we offer is:

  • Design of the Newsletter

  • Helping you set up your database to easily send a Newsletter monthly

  • Setting you up with a 3rd party firm so that you can get full reports. Such as:
    • Required option for addressee to opt out
    • Option to forward e-mail to another person
    • If the e-mail was opened
    • When the e-mail was open
    • And much more.

  • We can arrange copy and images to fill your monthly Newsletter, if you want to outsource

  • We can setup automatic add ons to your database from those interested in being added

  • Bottom line - we can do it all, show you how to do it yourself, or any part you wish.

Web Site Design & Hosting
A well-designed web site can keep your customers updated with the latest news, product offerings, and services. We offer reasonable pre-priced packages that include custom design, regular updates and hosting, aptly suited to marketing your business. One bill covers everything. No surprises.

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