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QuickBooks Pro

We install, troubleshoot, customize and teach QuickBooks & QuickBooks Pro. If you have an accountant, we work hand & hand with him or her  --- setting up the application to his or her specifications. If you choose to do your own  payroll, we  set it in QuickBooks Pro so you can print payroll checks, your own IRS forms, such as 941's & 940's.  W2's & 1099's are set up to automatically print on command. Templates are setup for Invoices, Packing Slips, Purchase Orders, etc. We do:

  • Set up the company file or multiple company files
  • Set up the Vendors
  • Set up the Customers
  • Show you how to automate entries
  • Show you how to set up AUTOMATIC invoicing or payments
  • Set up your printer for checks
  • Set up your check register
  • Set up automatic backup in both primary & secondary locations
  • If multiple users, set up server & stations
  • Teach you only those areas you want or need to understand

Web Site Design & Hosting
A well-designed web site can keep your customers updated with the latest news, product offerings, and services. We offer reasonable pre-priced packages that include custom design, regular updates and hosting, aptly suited to marketing your business. One bill covers everything. No surprises.

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